2021 Floyd discount Rose DL1018A Rail Tail Tremolo - high quality Narrow (Nickel) sale

2021 Floyd discount Rose DL1018A Rail Tail Tremolo - high quality Narrow (Nickel) sale

2021 Floyd discount Rose DL1018A Rail Tail Tremolo - high quality Narrow (Nickel) sale
2021 Floyd discount Rose DL1018A Rail Tail Tremolo - high quality Narrow (Nickel) sale_top
2021 Floyd discount Rose DL1018A Rail Tail Tremolo - high quality Narrow (Nickel) sale__front


Narrow 2 1/16" (modern) string spacing.
Fits Strat Style Guitars with 6 Point Bridges*.
(*Also fits 2 point bridge guitars with some drilling)

The Rail Tail Tremolo is a full contact, dive-only tremolo designed to retrofit your existing Strat®-style 6-point tremolo with no modifications to your guitar; a clever design merging the feel and reliability of a hardtail bridge with the flexibility of a tremolo system. Computer designed and precision-machined, the Rail Tail achieves maximum performance and stunning appearance without compromising comfort or feel. Its unique features allow for adjustability to fit a variety of guitar bodies and for an easy DIY installation.

Unlike the original tremolo design that rocks on a bevel located under the screw heads, the Rail Tail tremolo plate rotates around a precision rail that is mounted directly to the guitar body. The plate cradles the entire rail with precision as if they were one unit improving sound quality and tuning stability. This union also creates a greater breakpoint allowing open strings to maintain pitch when bending another, much like a hardtail.

The tremolo plate consists of slotted string block mounting holes not only for accommodating installation but also allowing the string block to be positioned forward for greater rotational range. This means diving up to 15 degrees more than conventional tremolo bridges. An advanced string block also consists of game-changing features: Mid-positioned tapered string holes assist in true string saddle contact. Working in alliance with the rail and string block are the roller fitted string saddles. This entire assembly provides ultimate vibrational energy transfer from the strings to the guitar body resulting in better overall sustain and tonal qualities.

Available in narrow (modern, 2-1/16") and wide (vintage, (2-7/32") models in Chrome, Black, Gold, Nickel and Black Nickel finishes. Please note: The Rail mounting holes are universal meaning that a narrow spaced Rail Tail will fit onto a wide spaced guitar body and vice versa.

(For optimum performance, playing experience and reliability, it’s highly recommend that the guitar this unit is being installed on, is equipped with locking tuners and a quality nut.)

Features & details


  • Computer designed and precision machined components to maximize performance without compromising comfort and feel.
  • Reversed engineered from the original Stratocaster Synchronized tremolo to maintain accurate positioning, intonation and action.
  • Slotted string block mounting holes for adjustability allowing greater rotational motion when diving. Dive up to 15 degrees farther.
  • Has a much greater break point or the point when a tremolo starts to change pitch during a bend for example. So open strings stay in tune when bending another.
  • String block design and ported through holes on the tremolo body allow the strings true saddle contact.
  • The slotted holes on the back of the tremolo where the saddle intonation screws go allow the saddle''s back end to seat down against the tremolo body after the string is on. On the original tremolo and other after market ones, the saddle is suspended with the 2 action set screws and the intonation screw. Hardly any contact at all.

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